How Can SEO Lead the World

How Can SEO Lead the World

Why is SEO so important, and why can it lead the world? SEO is expanded as Search Engine Optimization. It is basically a way to structure a web page so that it can be found and indexed by search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo in the most effective manner.

SEO ensures that your website is more visible online and is relevant to search engines and attractive to web searchers. If there was no SEO, there would be no way to make your business visible to the rest of the online community.

If people cannot locate your website online, your traffic slows down to a crawl. It would be hard for you to reach out to prospective customers. Nobody would be able to identify your site, unless they knew your full URL - which only a small minority would know about, perhaps your friends and family.

And here’s the most important reason to use SEO – your competitors are already using it. If you don’t use SEO, you would be effectively ceding ground to the competition and losing your customers to them.

To truly understand how SEO is changing the world, one has to fully grasp the power of search engines such as Google. Google allows for targeted advertising – every single dollar someone spends on advertising on Google actually helps to get their business noticed.

This is so unlike advertising in newspapers and magazines – who knows who reads your ads or doesn’t. What about advertising on radio or TV – most people use the advertising break as an excuse to change channels. And billboard ads? How many people notice them anyway?

But when you use SEO or advertise on Google, you can be sure that your ads reach the intended target. That’s because people who reach your website are those who are actually interested in what you’re selling or marketing. After all, people don’t enter words into Google’s search box for any reason – they do so because they are looking for something that is relevant, useful or even urgent.

SEO ensures that when they enter words into the search box, it is the links to your site that potential customers see first. This way, they would visit your website rather than one belonging to your competitor. And if they find what they are looking for on your website, they are more likely than not to buy it.

This way, your business will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all through the year. And your customers need not be from just a small geographical region – you may have customers from countries that are thousands of miles from where you are.

So, how do search engines really work? Nobody outside of the owners of the search engines or their top engineers knows this. The algorithms used in search engines are extremely sophisticated and perhaps much more complex than anything even NASA has designed so far. They contain highly secretive, proprietary information that cannot be accessed by people outside of the top hierarchy in these search engines.

But there are many things that are well known, which SEO professionals can work with. They know for instance, how to do keyword research, how to make the best of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, the importance of content marketing, how to build quality backlinks (which are the currency of search engines), using complex concepts such co-citation and co-occurrence or for that matter using search operators more effectively and much more.

Using the techniques made available by SEO, we can enhance a web site’s visibility and ensure that it can be accessed by just about anyone in the world. So what does this mean for you if you are, say, an artist in Cairo, Egypt or a math tutor in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia?

Well, by creating a website of your own where you showcase what you do and using the best SEO techniques to rank your website high on Google’s SERPs (or search engine results pages) for keywords such as “affordable Egyptian art” or “online math tutor” you can get noticed by a buyer in London who is interested in Egyptian art or by a young student in Kansas City, USA who is weak in math and is looking to help with her studies.

So, with SEO, you can effectively open your business to the whole world and earn a significant income from the new opportunities that are made available to you. That’s why we believe that SEO can and is leading the world into a brave new future, where there are no boundaries between people, wherever they are in the world.